recognize your Divine gifts and accept them

know how to serve others with your Divine Gifts and what that would look like

grow so confident and sure in your Divine Gifts that the opinions of others become non-existant

to create a business serving others with your Divine Gifts

to strengthen deeper into your Divine Gifts and learn new ways to help others with them

Our clients are looking for the “beauty and brevity of life” and when it is found entering the deepest respect of LOVE for one’s self, heads turn to see the beauty they too are looking for.

Our ability to step into the beautiful life we want is not as simple as seeing it. And once seen, we watch with anticipation that this too can be ours.

What becomes apparent is that we have forgotten the path to this beauty. Instinctively we know it and yearn to follow the flight to experience higher realms, but somewhere within, it is locked under the reflections of the never-ending psychological voids; with no light to show the way out.

There is something delicious about the confectionery colors that the higher realms of light offers and if you are ready for this journey, if you want this more than anything, we will wayshow you there.

You may feel like your life is dissatisfying and you’re not sure why….

You may feel like there is something in you that has to change, but not sure what…

Do you struggle with negative thoughts that disrupt your life?

Something feels off and you’re trying to get to the bottom of it.

The struggles you’re feeling are symptoms of untapped spiritual gifts screaming to be known.  

When your power is turned down, people can control you and you may not know how to tap into your gifts and power to protect yourself…  And that’s ok, this is why we are here.

You are one of those people who know you have enormous untapped spiritual gifts and you don’t want to leave this life without unfolding what they are


you are ready, we help you take all the old Rules/Laws that were made for you by man meaning from all sorts of people and institutions – school, family, friends, acquaintances, church, ect with intention of placing a forgetful spell and we help you start creating a new story.

One where we begin a journey together guiding you to who you are, to help you know why you are here –

You hear others talking about raising your vibration to bring change to a world, we show you how.  We show you how to be un-apologetically you in a world that made you feel ashamed or nervous about your gifts, so you just fit in the best you can, all the while feeling really off.

Feeling comfortable with who you are, what your gifts are, and how to use them makes all the difference from feeling suppressed and powerless to feeling happy because you can express who you are.

We know that if we focus on helping you change the inner self, the external will come together for you. The time is here for you to live intuitively. Do you feel this longing in your heart? 

Mindset Coaches, Breakthrough Strategists & Wayshowers of the Lightworker



Is it a sense of freedom and safety that you long for? We are here to give you the Key and Manual to reveal that the energy of a intuitive mindset is yours to step into, to feel the interconnectedness of Mother Gaia, your guides, ascended masters, and angels. It is you who must open the gate to accept your true path, to understand  the deep knowledge of your gifts and how to use them and watch how the universe responds by resolving painful challenges .

Are you willing to make that next step for you?

Are you ready to uncover the deep hidden blocks that have been holding you back? You have been at this for a long time and just not getting the results you are looking for.  

And then you found us! 

We are here to support you on your journey, to help you see the answers you are looking for. Can you tell they are right in front of you and you just can not see them?!

You are working on a cycle of struggle between light and dark that is coming to completion, it has been between the self-awareness and the illusion of power, fear and ignorance. 

We ask you to feel into our energy, so you know we are here to help guide you into the flame of divine light so you can truly embody your light centered in your being.

Our client took the KEY and followed the manual we offer and is ROCKING HER WORLD!! She put in the work and is reaping the rewards and we are so proud of her!

When she came to us she was financially hurting, angry, bitter, sick, rejected by family and desperate for relief. We worked with her for 12 weeks. And now…

“Hi guys miss you so much. So much going on in my life my vibration is so high I have never felt so happy and contented as I do right now. The book I’ve been a part of writing has gone to the publishers and the colleague/friend has asked me to run healing retreats with her on this amazing property in Darwin at the top of Australia. OMG it’s a dream come true. I know it won’t happen for a little while but I’m so excited I could burst. Also my business is expanding I have completed my Reiki course, and I’m putting together essential oils for clients to purchase for certain mental health issues all these ideas are just flowing in and I feel soooo good. I love you both so much it’s like I have totally awakened and just floating through life” 

~Ros Phillips,
Counselor & Psychotherapist from Australia


The broom gives you the foundation to Becoming Realized of your Oneness and Open to your Mediumship Gifts. 


The Broom™ is a form of energy healing, Activating and recoding your DNA for ascension and healing, past life regression, hypnotherapy (w/out the hypnosis), Ancestral Pattern clearing, Akashic Blueprint Reading and clearing, and it clears attachments and their footprints, hooks, implants, and cords. During the Akashic Blueprint Reading, we tell you how many lifetimes you’ve lived, which lifetimes are causing you trouble and get them cleared. 

The technique we use is not done by anyone else, as Stephen and Ostara co-created it together. 

waking up excited about your life and about what you might want to do today. Imagine the smile that comes across your face when you think about the fear that no longer is your companion. You know what you want, you know who you want to do it with – you know and that feels like the best thing in the world!


We help you move forward and set personal and professional goals that will give you the life you really want.

Do you feel a bit stuck or simply want to make a big change in your life?

Do you know you have power you can not seem to access?

We help you bring change to your life by making simple changes to the way you operate on a deeper level. Rather than just examining your behaviors, habits, and goals, we help you delve into your deep rooted beliefs and your connection to the divine. 


 As Mindset Coaches, Breakthrough strategists, Wayshower Lightworkers, Authors, and Public Speakers, we’ve had the privilege of coaching thousands of people worldwide up-level their life. And now we want to help you have the richest experience by co-creating the most beautiful life you could ever imagine for yourself and much faster than you would think…

It could all start right here, right now!

It is our mission to raise empowered, heart-centered, happy, abundant and spiritually aligned people who have come to this planet to change the world with their unique God-given gifts.

You know you have stumbled upon this page for a reason, and we cannot wait for us to discover that beautiful reason!

When Stephen and I started stepping into our gifts, we were scared of many things because we did not understand. I, Ostara tippy toed using my gifts as I explored what they were and more importantly, being totally transparent here, I wanted to know if I would still be accepted when using them.

We now want to teach you, and spare you from all the growing/ not knowing pains we had.  

We are offering you “Breakthrough To Your Unleash your gifts” 30-40 minute session as our gift to you.  So if you feel like…

your life is dissatisfying and you’re not sure why….

you feel like there is something in you that has to change…

Like us, you are one one of those people who know you have enormous untapped spiritual gifts and you don’t want to leave this life without unfolding what they are.

All of these struggles you’re feeling are symptoms of untapped spiritual gifts screaming to be known. Book with us! We look forward to helping!


Audio Activation can change your entire world! The imagination is key to a powerful transformative experience. Listen now!

The Spiritual Chefs Sacred Activation

Unlocking Your Imagination

Stopping the fear of walking into the unknown, rewriting your DNA to stabilize your Chakra frequencies. The imagination is the key to unlocking the gates to abundant flow. 

Listen for FREE

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People are so excited over our 12 week program BE FEARLESS AND UNSTOPPABLE they could burst!

Celebrate every little victory, every gift you are given and every coin you find. Celebrate when your friend is manifesting what you want! This means you are aligning with the vibrations to bring your desires into your experience!


12 week program to dissolve those fears, to become fearless, and unstoppable in 12 weeks or less

There’s a whisper, a tiny little voice, urging you to trust yourself! To take action!

And even though you are TRYING to make things happen… nothing is actually shifting in your physical reality

Nothing will change unless you move! We simplify everything! We make it all easy to understand…

It’s all right here on the other side of Be Fearless and Unstoppable! Now it’s your turn to GO for it!


3, 6, 9, 12 Months Private & Group Coaching

Go deeper on how this all this works and…

Focus on the light of your soul helping it become brighter while revealing your path

Allow your divine inner-being to fill your human experience more and more

As you experience love, joy, ease, and flow you will experience the power of creation

The power of surrender and letting it all flow

Tools for releasing pain and negative situations 

Stephen & Ostara Schultz

Our Healing is life altering!
Laser Energy Body Scan to see what may be out of balance, blocked, damaged or in need of attention..

Stephen’s Spirit Activations and Ostara’s Light Language Activation both speak directly to your DNA, activating and recoding your personal vibrational signature as your Higher Self activates the both.  

The frequencies of both bring in intense energies that help with spiritual activation, processing shifts in consciousness, facilitating light body.  It also allows Stephen & Ostara to communicate directly with Source without the interference of the programmed human mind while activating light codes to assist you with healing and restoration on all levels. 

Want more info? Contact us


Patti McAleenan


I entered into the Spiritual Chef’s Kitchen and received the most amazing experience, eye opening, right in front of me answers! My path and destination has become clearer after this session! I’m so excited to work more with these two!!

This has been truly the most powerful, energizing Laser Coaching I ever received and being in healing and personal development and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on programs and coaching, I have to say that this was the first one that went straight into my Soul.

Klara Fischerova

I just had my Laser Coaching and also received an Light Language Activation. This has been truly the most powerful, energizing coaching I ever received and being in healing and personal development and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on programs and coaching, I have to say that this was the first one that went straight into my Soul. I didn’t have a single resistance come up, I felt loved, seen, appreciated and acknowledged for who I am. I am excited to de-clutter, organize and get things done. The whole time it was playful, joyful and at times hilarious and genius. Thank you so much Stephen and Ostara. Gosh I am so excited!!!

Join me on my YouTube Channel for clarity in your life

Klarity Healing

They got to the core of the matter within moments and saw right into my soul. I came with so much pain – but they gave me hope.

JoAnne Bassett

My session with The Spiritual Chef’s, Stephen and Ostara Schultz was so revealing. They got to the core of the matter within moments and saw right into my soul. I came with so much pain – but they gave me hope. I’m so hopeful I’ve signed up for a Kitchen Surgery Session with them. 

Creator of: Natural Perfumes That Enhance Your Well-Being

Now I don’t feel trapped and I am making progress in life!

Sheri Wyatt

I found Ostara Stephen Schultz when I was in a very dark place last year fighting for my life. I would get readings from them in groups and I felt so connected to them and felt they could really help guide me to my true power.  I have been on my life journey trying to figure out who I really am and what am I doing here on earth. I have had these strong feelings since I was 4 years old to help save humanity, to shine my light and help show they way to Happiness.

I started working with Ostara Stephen Schultz for the past 3 months discovering my true self and helped me have a huge breakthrough in life! I’m headed for higher success! It’s been an incredible shift I can’t even type this without crying. I am so grateful for them, for my Soul Family <3 They will give you their time and an incredible experience of innerstanding! Now I don’t feel trapped and I am making much progress in life! I’m Happy and I Love Me <3

Love you both dearly,
Inspiring Az Model Sheri <3

I received a session from The Spiritual Chefs Stephen & Ostara. I was nervous, mostly because I didn’t know what would be said. But it was amazing. I heard about how I needed to love myself and let go of the past. I’ve heard this a lot before in my life, but until now, the message wasn’t received. I thought I had been working on it and doing well, but I see now that more effort, or just a different way to approach it was needed.

I’m bullheaded. I dislike hearing what I need to work on with my personality, as it was something my parents used to tell me was my biggest fault. But the way these two delivered the message was empowering. I highly recommend you work with them in any means possible. They teach you ways to heal in a way that you never would have thought of. Many blessings to you both. ~Marcy Prybil

Hi friends! “I am enough, I have enough, I do enough” is changing my life. I got the job I was hoping for! I start in a week. My “Perception Light Language Activation” has changed everything. I’ve been rewiring all the thoughts I have to turn them positive and I feel as if mountains have been moved. I highly recommend working with the Spiritual Chefs ~Ashleigh Grandel

Within one month of my Kitchen Surgery with the both of you, I have expanded so much. A month ago I was in a place of heartbreak and felt I was spinning my wheels to find my way back to my gifts and calling. 

Today I fell asleep on the couch and heard “Wake up! Tunr on the computer.”. First things I seen was your two beautiful faces!! ~Diana Hanson Fredericks

They’re absolutely wonderful, directly on par energetically and powerful with the Laser Scans and Readings with a refreshing personality and enthusiasm towards life. They are very direct with Source in understanding other people’s life path. So very happy to be a part of their world and honored. Thank you very much blessings of life and wisdom that you had to endure to be able to share such great wisdom to the rest of us. May God always hold you in his heart!! ~Wendy Kahles

Like to say thank you to Stephen and Ostara Schultz. On Monday evening I had the Kitchen Surgery and OMG how they helped. There are no words to thank them enough for enabling me to actually change how I actually see things and enabling me to say thank you for the lessons and experience. Just in the last few days this has helped so much and changed my way of thinking.

Although it can be emotional doing a Kitchen Surgery, they help you to move past your doubts and boundaries and to see your true self-worth, and to see where you really want to be. Love you both and thank you!! ~Lawrence Young

I would like to say a big thank you to two amazing souls Ostara & Stephen Schultz – the Spiritual Chefs. I did the Kitchen Surgery and OMG, I wanted to write something later that evening, but was glad I did not.

After that night I re listened to all we spoke about etc, taking more in, understanding more about my journey of past and present. But today in this short space of time, through the knowledge and wisdom received, my vibrations have risen, plus it has helped me see things in a different light, plus helped me to help two close friends. It has helped me to explain things, which before I would not have explained so well. It has helped me to stop doubting myself and actually feel good about me. Love you both loads!

~Carol Young

Cleared away patterns that were impacting achieving my goals as well as very comprehensive insights into my next steps.

Cindy Ashton

Ostara and her son Stephan are deep and delightful! I did a BROOM session with them and it was amazing how they were able to pick up things I hadn’t told anyone. What really impressed me about the session was how they weaved together multi-modalities in a way cleared away patterns that were impacting achieving my goals as well as very comprehensive insights into my next steps. Even though we were doing deep work, they are hilarious and kept me smiling! Highly recommend. 

~TV host of Cindy Uncorked

Before I met the Spiritual Chefs I was confused & feeling stuck.  Now I make better choices. I learned to not give a sh*t to what others think and know that I am enough! They have brought so much blessings into my life.

Sophia Macaranas

I first encountered the Schultz mother and son duo last September. I was drawn by their non-stop laughter and joyful free mini card readings. Not only are they fun but also very sincere and authentic. They use their special unique gifts with love. They are not afraid to show their vulnerabilities and are very real, non-judgmental and approachable. I followed them to many live readings and enrolled to their Broom services and 12 weeks Spring Shift Workshop. They personalize their programs to suit each participant. Before I met them, I was confused with my relationship and was feeling stuck on my spiritual growth. Through their mentorship, guidance and mediumship with my guides and their guides, I have made better choices in my path and now see a much more brighter and positive path. I learned to not give a sh*t to what others think and know that I am enough! You have brought so much blessings into my life. Thank you Ostara & Stephen! Love you guys!

Amazing Manifestations within weeks!

Sonya P Nagy, International Intuitive Business Adviser

So much prosperity has come into my life since joining your membership. Thank you.

Right After Your Laser Scan & Activation I Received A $2,500 Tip 

Diana Fredericks

I wanted to tell you both that since I received the abundance activation and laser reading I received a $2,500 tip. Amazing!! 

My readings with Stephan have been so spot on, and the activations that Ostara gives are truly magical.

Misty Overduyn

I have had a reading, activation, and broom done by these wonderful people and all I can say is wow!! These people are truly gifted, and so special. Not only is their energy so kind and beautiful, but they have such deep compassion for what you are feeling. My readings with Stephan have been so spot on, and the activations that Ostara gives are truly magical. Today I got the Broom done, before I started I had zero energy and honestly just felt run down. After I felt so wonderful and had so much energy. The experience itself was so amazing and so spiritual. I can’t even explain it. I recommend this duo to everyone, you won’t regret it!! Thank you Veronica and Stephan for sharing your beautiful gifts, you’re going to help so many people.

Stockton, Ca 95204

Wait before you go...

JOIN our FREE 9 Day Self Love Challenge! To manifest your desires, loving you should be your #1 focus

Wait before you go...

JOIN our FREE 9 Day Self Love Challenge! To manifest your desires, loving you should be your #1 focus