What is Grootopia

A life without meaning is just not enough! Finding what is meaningful to you brings happiness not the other way around! Finding meaningfulness in your life is what Grootopia does.

We help you unpackage and ignite the curiosity to learn again, the kind of learning that comes from understanding that life is more than what we see. You and your life is a symphony to be heard, loved, and to be harnessed.

We are here for our own self-mastery!

We help our students see a whole new way to view life and together we enter into a conscious adventure that can take them to deeper levels of self-mastering joy, connection to the part of that inner child that only with self-mastery can they truly develop the belief in themselves that surpasses the minds understanding…

It is time for your REVIVAL!

“Do you desire divine guidance but are not sure where to find it or how to connect to the Universe and or your higher self?”

Do you feel lost – like you cannot find your purpose in this life?

Are you new to all of this and it feels foreign and may even make you slightly fearful? Fear is an illusion, push past – that’s where the gifts reside.

Do you wish for personal growth but don’t know what steps to take?


We will teach you how become the person others want to be like and learn from

You will learn how to attract others that will help you level up your life and or business

We all have abilities/gifts that help others. You will learn how to uncover yours

Look at your life as a story, a story that you are writing and the chapter from yesterday is done. The next chapter is ready to write. We help you write your story in a more positive way. So you are letting go of the old story. Because if you keep reading the same story, you get stuck. Stephen and Ostara helps you write a new story with new tools so you can break through the stuckness.

We specialize in helping people, just like you, develop a winning mindset. A mindset that will give you the ability to consciously create and succeed in fulfilling your own unique purpose. We want to help you understand your gifts become able and adept at using them. We will assist you in finding what stokes your fire and gets you excited about life, this will get things moving in a forward direction so you stop feeling like life is against you.

There is no need to live life questioning everything, wondering why you are here, and living in the shadows. You were born to be the very best you possible, after all there is only one of you…ever!

You are totally and completely unique, never to be replicated. A masterpiece always in progress. All you need is a little guidance.


That is where we come in. Both Ostara and Stephen Schultz are conduits through which divine inspiration, information and intervention happen. Let us be the catalysts in your life that get you going and operating at your full potential by releasing blocks, veils, and false beliefs set in place by old outdated programming.

Together, the Spiritual Chefs – Ostara and Stephen bring to the table 40+ years of LIFE experience. We have both ridden through our own Dark Night of the Soul when we experienced our own family disowning us, going through five home foreclosures, a major car accident that shattered Stephen’s legs, near death experiences, dealing with drugs and overall the Complete Dissolution of Life as we knew it…

Looking back this was our initiation. Though painful at the time, these experiences prepared us so that we may now offer our support to you.

You don’t have to go it alone!

It would be our honor to walk through the fire alongside of you, helping to work through any issue or challenge by shamanically unwinding the brambles of spiritual and physical trauma and unlocking the practical solutions that have been previously hidden from You.

Together we can breakthrough the deep rooted autopilot like programming that is blocking you from experiencing the magnificent ability you already possess in order to manifest the life you desire!

Ostara is a certified Breakthrough Coach. Stephen and Ostara have training in Marketing & Sales, Business Development, Conscious Creation,  as well as Relationship Building. Stephen has Certified training in Business Management. Together we have spent thousands of dollars on our training and studied under teachers and leaders from The Thrive Academy, Big Impact Live, and others such as Abraham/Hicks, Matt Kahn, Wayne Dyer, Mooji, Marianne Williamson and thousands of hours dedicated to study.

Our Track Record

We have helped 100% of our clients get results in 12 weeks or less. Whether you want to find love, gain more money or change the relationship you and your significant other have; We know just how to help you to get your breakthrough where you are feeling stuck and transform failure and doubt into the success that brings personal joy.

Clients choose to work with us because we delve into the heart of the matter in a straightforward and painless way. Our techniques are loved by many because we use such light-heartedness and humor leaving our clients feeling great about themselves.

Let us begin our journey together.

Through our combined intent, we will open the Gates of Light to you, so that you are able to believe in yourself and who you are in truth, to know and feel deep within that you are doing exactly the purpose you came here for.

Working as a team we help guide you towards the true knowing of your inner-self and to bring forth spiritual transformation. You came to this life in order to raise your vibration and to bring change to a world that resists the this work.

NOW is the time to contact us for a zoom Coffee date!

You can start your journey with us by spending a HOT MINUTE with us to see how we can help you change your journey’s direction towards your desired goals over coffee!

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Ros Philips – Student Graduate of our 12 week “Grootology” 1st series Program

“Hi guys miss you so much. So much going on in my life my vibration is so high I have never felt so happy and contented as I do right now. The book I’ve been a part of writing has gone to the publishers and the colleague/friend has asked me to run healing retreats with her on this amazing property in Darwin at the top of Australia. OMG it’s a dream come true. I know it won’t happen for a little while but I’m so excited I could burst. Also my business is expanding I have completed my Reiki course, and I’m putting together essential oils for clients to purchase for certain mental health issues all these ideas are just flowing in and I feel soooo good. I love you both so much it’s like I have totally awakened and just floating through life” 

~Ros Phillips,
Counselor & Psychotherapist from Australia

Stockton, Ca 95204

Wait before you go...

JOIN our FREE 9 Day Self Love Challenge! To manifest your desires, loving you should be your #1 focus

Wait before you go...

JOIN our FREE 9 Day Self Love Challenge! To manifest your desires, loving you should be your #1 focus