9 Day Self Love Challenge

Self—Love isn’t something you achieve overnight; it is something you do for yourself, over and over and over again!!

How many of these do you say yes to…

  • You become angry at yourself when you make mistakes
  • You shoulder tons of guilt for thinking about yourself and what makes you happy
  • You have a tendency to put others first
  • You make some personal decisions NOT based on your likes and dislikes, NOT based on your needs and desires but on the hope of getting someone’s attention or approval
  • You do not see a way to make your dreams happen, or you do not have dreams
  • You don’t celebrate your successes

We know how hard it can be to include your own needs in your hectic schedule, particularly if you are a parent or a busy professional. You are going to love this guide, especially if you’ve been searching outside of yourself for happiness and fulfillment, constantly sabotaging yourself with negative self-talk, struggle with your relationship to your body, or want to feel powerful in your own skin again; Then this will be the beginning of a game changer for you. We will share with you how to love and make time for yourself in 9 simple days. Don’t you desire to focus on self-love as well as begin to put your own needs first?

Manifesting what you desire begins when the energies you own aligns with how wonderful you feel about yourself! 

Wouldn’t you love to have a solution to help you…

  • Celebrate your successes
  • Know exactly what you want and like and aren’t afraid to ask for it
  • Know your strengths and weakness and it doesn’t shame you
  • Take time out of your day for you
  • Have strong connections and friendships
  • Listen to your body
  • Not be defined by how you look
  • Eat health and sleeping well
  • Expect the best
  • Always be positive
  • Not hold onto the past

Does this sound like you?

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