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crystal clear about why you’ve been blocked from having the magic of love and money in your life 

Do you feel lonely even though you’re surrounded by others?

Are you wondering where your true love is or if they even exist?

Have you ever acted in ways that embarrassed you or others?

Have you acted in ways that shocked you?

Do you find yourself spending money recklessly despite the fact you already have a ton of debt?

Do you often feel out of control?

Do you have a hard time achieving your goals and objectives? 


what your life might be like having crystal clarity surrounding love and money. Imagine having the confidence in your relationships and in finding your true love. Imagine a life where you get to have too much money! 

Stephen and Ostara continue to use their transformation strategies to help hundreds of business owners, entrepreneurs, managers & professionals to manifest the magic they want to see with their love, money and business life. 

Learn the magic that gives you the control to manifest your desire in love

Get out of the endless loop of money insanity by applying the magic we teach

Get your life back on track

They help 100% of their clients get results in just months. Whether you want to find love, gain more money or change the relationship you and your significant other has with money; Stephen and Ostara knows just how to help you get your breakthrough where you are feeling stuck and transform failure and doubt into the success that brings personal joy. Clients choose to work with them because they delve into the heart of the matter in a straightforward and painless way. Their techniques are spouted and loved by many because they use such lightheartedness and humor leaving their clients feeling great about themselves. 

Your limiting beliefs are replaced with confidence

New possibilities and gifts are awakened

The hidden barriers to are removed

Your discovery of Magic will create a new paradigm for you to enjoy

Clients choose to work with them because they delve into the heart of the matter in a straightforward and painless way


3, 6, 9, 12 months private coaching

Guidance to bring you to your fullest and best version of yourself

Proven strategies to create a life of manifesting magic

Holding your hand and walking with you so you are successful

Our positivity teachings takes the sting out of what can be difficult to face 

Patti McAleenan


I entered into the Spiritual Chef’s Kitchen and received the most amazing experience, eye opening, right in front of me answers! My path and destination has become clearer after this session! I’m so excited to work more with these two!!

Klara Fischerova

I just had my Laser Coaching and also received an Light Language Activation. This has been truly the most powerful, energizing coaching I ever received and being in healing and personal development and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on programs and coaching, I have to say that this was the first one that went straight into my Soul. I didn’t have a single resistance come up, I felt loved, seen, appreciated and acknowledged for who I am. I am excited to de-clutter, organize and get things done. The whole time it was playful, joyful and at times hilarious and genius. Thank you so much Stephen and Ostara. Gosh I am so excited!!!

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Klarity Healing

JoAnne Bassett

My session with The Spiritual Chef’s, Stephen and Ostara Schultz was so revealing. They got to the core of the matter within moments and saw right into my soul. I came with so much pain – but they gave me hope. I’m so hopeful I’ve signed up for a Kitchen Surgery Session with them. 

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