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Want to Manifest MONEY instead of DEBT?

Notice all the crazy energies and changes of the world and want to stay connected to those who can keep you in the know?

Looking for an encouraging and understanding Tribe that you can call your soul family?

You’re invited to join Spiritual Chefs Counsel, an exclusive membership



you can get access to our LIVE shows each week, all recorded shows, Manifestation teachings, Clearings, Activations and Guided Healing Activations, Oracle Readings and Card Readings

We thought about you when we created this membership where you can access the information to keep you clear, manifesting your desires instead of debt, get on the spot coaching during our lives, get your questions answered.  All for an INSANELY LOW price

$27.00 MONTH

(Billed monthly. No obligations, no contract, cancel at ANY time)

Introducing The Creation Star Tool and Short clips of what we do


$27.00 MONTH

Need Help? Write to: hello@spiritualchefs.com, or call: (209)636-3115



Upon signing up, you will receive an email with a link to sign up for the email with your log-in instructions. Membership is held in a private Facebook group so you will not need a password, but you will need to link to request to join the membership.

Once in the membership, please introduce yourself and if you like, share how your soul tribe can support you. You will see current content available to you.

We meet for the LIVE SHOWS every Saturday 6pm PST, unless otherwise noted.

You will be added to the memberships private messenger group. This is a safe and private place to share. You can ignore or silence the group chats so you are not bothered during your daily activities. 

As long as you stay a member, and keep your status in good standing, you will have LIFETIME access to it all!


You will have lifetime access to all the content plus get us LIVE regularly.


Our one-on-one services are in the hundreds of dollars per hour now and literally, you are saving THOUSANDS of dollars while keeping your sanity.


You get us LIVE each week! That is golden, because we are finding it more difficult to go live on facebook.


You can ask us questions, get guidance, and healing for a ridiculously low price.



No contracts, no obligations, cancel at ANY time. Just send an email to hello@spiritualchefs.com & we will take care of you within 24-48 hours..


$27.00 MONTH

Need Help? Write to: hello@spiritualchefs.com, or call: (209)636-3115


Theresa Phillips

You have changed our lives, gives us guidance and I know for Ros given her strength. This I thank you! Your work is worth more than Gold.

P.s. Ros and I pay the membership as you bring joy to us. We are still in bed and listening.

Ros Phillips

These guys have changed my life and given me the tools to be the true me 💖💖

That was amazing. There is so much we can do. We just don’t know it. Your experience is knowledge to us all. Life is about learning everyday. Absorb all the knowledge you can. It’s tools for life. Thank you Stephen and Ostara for sharing, and since the day you both came into my life, I have learned so much. I may hurt like others in this world, but I live being positive and absorbing all I can to better my life. Being around you both positive people keeps me motivated. Thank you for being part of my life. ~Kimberly Kuhns

As one of the few guy members in the membership, Ostara and Stephen had helped me to open a lot of areas of my life that were closed and felt needed to be that way to protect my heart and mind. Through this membership there is so much to gain in knowledge, alignment, and just allowing the gifts in us to shine and show the world what we all hold inside. So join this membership and see how your life can be balanced, cords cut, energy awoken, and so much friendship within the group. No amount of money can compare for the gifts received and opened within us all. Love and light to you all. ~James Locke

Stephen has worked his magic on my being! He’s helped me so much the past couple of months when I hit the bottom, so I felt and he’s guided me to my path. ~Megan Thompson

I don’t think I would have been able to get through my rough time without you guys. I’m so thankful to you both. Love you guys! You have truly impacted my life positively. I can finally get back to me and my love life again. ~Melissa Malisha Kaminski

I received a session from The Spiritual Chefs Stephen & Ostara. I was nervous, mostly because I didn’t know what would be said. But it was amazing. I heard about how I needed to love myself and let go of the past. I’ve heard this a lot before in my life, but until now, the message wasn’t received. I thought I had been working on it and doing well, but I see now that more effort, or just a different way to approach it was needed.

I’m bullheaded. I dislike hearing what I need to work on with my personality, as it was something my parents used to tell me was my biggest fault. But the way these two delivered the message was empowering. I highly recommend you work with them in any means possible. They teach you ways to heal in a way that you never would have thought of. Many blessings to you both. ~Marcy Prybil

Hi friends! “I am enough, I have enough, I do enough” is changing my life. I got the job I was hoping for! I start in a week. My “Perception Light Language Activation” has changed everything. I’ve been rewiring all the thoughts I have to turn them positive and I feel as if mountains have been moved. I highly recommend working with the Spiritual Chefs ~Ashleigh Grandel

Within one month of my Kitchen Surgery with the both of you, I have expanded so much. A month ago I was in a place of heartbreak and felt I was spinning my wheels to find my way back to my gifts and calling. 

Today I fell asleep on the couch and heard “Wake up! Tunr on the computer.”. First things I seen was your two beautiful faces!! ~Diana Hanson Fredericks

They’re absolutely wonderful, directly on par energetically and powerful with the Laser Scans and Readings with a refreshing personality and enthusiasm towards life. They are very direct with Source in understanding other people’s life path. So very happy to be a part of their world and honored. Thank you very much blessings of life and wisdom that you had to endure to be able to share such great wisdom to the rest of us. May God always hold you in his heart!! ~Wendy Kahles

Like to say thank you to Stephen and Ostara Schultz. On Monday evening I had the Kitchen Surgery and OMG how they helped. There are no words to thank them enough for enabling me to actually change how I actually see things and enabling me to say thank you for the lessons and experience. Just in the last few days this has helped so much and changed my way of thinking.

Although it can be emotional doing a Kitchen Surgery, they help you to move past your doubts and boundaries and to see your true self-worth, and to see where you really want to be. Love you both and thank you!! ~Lawrence Young

I would like to say a big thank you to two amazing souls Ostara & Stephen Schultz – the Spiritual Chefs. I did the Kitchen Surgery and OMG, I wanted to write something later that evening, but was glad I did not.

After that night I re listened to all we spoke about etc, taking more in, understanding more about my journey of past and present. But today in this short space of time, through the knowledge and wisdom received, my vibrations have risen, plus it has helped me see things in a different light, plus helped me to help two close friends. It has helped me to explain things, which before I would not have explained so well. It has helped me to stop doubting myself and actually feel good about me. Love you both loads!

~Carol Young

For $27 a month, it’s a no brainier for the benefits offered, 2 hours of clearing and laser coaching split up throughout the 4 weeks. I immediately saw the shifts in my life. ~S.N.


$27.00 MONTH

Need Help? Write to: hello@spiritualchefs.com, or call: (209)636-3115

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