Rewriting the old energy into a new life 

Sheri Wyatt

I was in a very dark place fighting for my life and I just felt so trapped for a long time. I have been chasing after my goals and dreams and on my journey I kept having this horrible feeling. I’m very passionate about helping others become a better person, I love fitness training and modeling.

I kept asking for guidance from up above and then I came across Veronica & Stephen Schultz. I got in on the Broom Experience and let me tell you, it helped me so much I can’t even type this without crying. I am so grateful for them. They give you their time and an incredible experience of understanding! Now I don’t feel trapped and I am making progress in life! Love you both dearly,

Inspiring Az Model

Cindy Ashton

Ostara and her son Stephan are deep and delightful! I did a BROOM session with them and it was amazing how they were able to pick up things I hadn’t told anyone. What really impressed me about the session was how they weaved together multi-modalities in a way cleared away patterns that were impacting achieving my goals as well as very comprehensive insights into my next steps. Even though we were doing deep work, they are hilarious and kept me smiling! Highly recommend. ~TV host of Cindy Uncorked

Lisa Jo Davis

The BROOM Experience is an amazing journey into the core of you. Finding new details about you which helps you confirm questions you wanted to know.

Both Veronica and Stephen give you that 1:1 time so you can understand the information you just received. They are joyful and offer a loving and safe approach.

Thank you for all you do. 

Owner at Healing Light

Stacey Lynn

I booked a Soul Journey Session 3 from Veronica and Stephen Schultz and WOW!!! I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life. I am a Psychic Medium, Metaphysical teacher. I get downloaded with an abundance of stuff, but past life stuff I don’t really do. So they helped me clear so much stuff that I have been trying to clear for so long and I really suggest a session with them, because it has just taken the last bit of the edge of things that have been stuck in me. I could not seem to release it on my own or with anyone else’s help. That doesn’t mean I am not working on things or that I haven’t been helped by others, but what a fucken amazing session.

I’ve got to tell you this, during one of the cord cuttings and release, I felt this golden light fill me up and when it got to my crown chakra, it exploded like a fucken volcano. It. Was. Europhic! These guys are fucken MAGICAL! I was speechless and it’s hard for me to be speechless. Owner of Psychic Medium

Heidi Beerbohm

So I think it’s about time I talk about my Broom/Soul Journey experience. Mine is probably going to be explained a bit different than most of you but I want to focus on how things have changed since. I also want to apologize for taking so long to get this out there. I had some health issues and some family health issues going on. So I’ve recently turned 50 and I’m pretty sure because of so much past trauma in my life I never knew how to love myself-I’ve always been kinda self destructive and though I’m a good person and good to other people I’ve just never cared about me. I know what I want and how I want to feel inside but I’ve always had this heaviness and darkness inside. Over the years I’ve tried so many things including therapy to relieve this but nothing has ever worked for more than a short time. So one of the things that Veronica and Stephen told me was that I was basically wrapped like a mummy in these cords. When they were being released I swear I actually Physically felt this happening, especially on my legs. Stephen also said that my ankles were really bound tight. Interesting that for the past few years when I get out of bed every morning my ankles hurt so bad they feel like they’re going to break. Here’s where it gets Amazing! Since my session (at least a month ago) I’ve had absolutely No pain in my ankles-not once! Everything has really changed for me. It’s like they took the darkness out of me and replaced it with light. I mean that literally. I feel light inside and I’m also starting to really love myself for the 1st time ever which has made all of my relationships better. All of the people close to me have noticed this huge change in me to. I’m not such a loner anymore either. There’s so many other things I learned but for someone like me This was the most important thing that happened to me from this experience. I will never be able to thank you guys for giving me my life back. What a beautiful thing to be able to actually Live in this world instead of just exist. Veronica Schultz and Stephen Schultz I Love you guys so very much and wish there was some way I could repay you. This group is wonderful-just to have a safe place with so much love from everyone. ❤️

Jennifer Jennison

Stephen & Ostara are absolutely brilliant!!! My reading was so accurate & exactly what I needed to hear… This Lotus flower is ready to bloom and move the fuck on thanks to u guys… I highly recommend these 2… Much love & light  ~

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